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How Rankley Works

The list concept

Rankley is made up of a collection of lists created by users. We use unique page view statistics to order the websites on each list. Webmasters must place a small bit of code on their websites so that the unique page views can be counted. This code not only counts the page views, but it also displays the websites current Rankley list placement. At Rankley, we believe that a strong measure of a website's popularity is the number of people who visit it. We will be adding functionality to view lists by trending data as well as vote popularity.

Creating a list

Rankley is made from the ground up to be simple to use. If you would like to create a Rankley list, just sign up with our simple one page form. You control the list and you can start building your list within minutes.

Adding your site to an existing list

Every Rankley list has a one page form that allows you to request that your site be added to the list. Simply fill out the form and wait to be approved by the Rankley editor.

Questions or Comments?

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